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Warehouse space Budapest

City-logistics developments have basically established along the major routes of the capital, mainly in the 9th district but similar projects can be found in the 3rd and 10th districts as well. These parks were erected within the city border, in place of or next to the former industrial zones which are somewhat separated from the residential areas. These schemes provide excellent locations for SME companies looking for proximity to their clients and good public transportation connections.

Warehouse space East-Budapest

East-Budapest region consists of the most recently completed section of the M0 ringroad streching from the M5 Motorway until Main Road No. 3. including the Airport area as well. As a result of this part of the ringroad was just completed in 2010, this region still has huge development potential but some considerable projects have already been established.

Warehouse space North-Budapest

The North-Budapest region comprises relatively limited area being capable to be developed running from the Danube river until the M3-M0 junction. This intersection of the motorways is the most excellent location from warehousing point of view offering great access towards Romania and Ukraine on the M3 Motorway and to other motorways around the capital on the M0 ringroad. This junction has already been established by retailers and logistics developments but further significant projects still can take place.

Warehouse space South-Budapest

South-Budapest together with the Western-Budapest region are the most developed areas from logistics point of view as the south-west section of the M0 ringroad was the first part completed in the late 90's. This region is the busiest route connecting the western-european countries with Ukraine, Romania and with the South-Slavic countries. The region mostly comprises facilities of logistics providers and manufacturers.

Warehouse space West-Budapest

West-Budapest is the most developed region around the capital in terms of commercial and logistics activity. The mutual section of the M1 and M7 Motorways along with the M0 ringroad junction provide excellent location for retailers/wholesellers and for logistics providers as well. The M1 motorway, as the only one motorway leading towards the Western-European countries is one of the busiest routes in Hungary. As a result, this region represents the highest rent fees and sale prices.

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