Relocation of production plants


The strategy of the production plant relocation or opening new production lines slightly reminds relocation of a warehouse but, owing to much a greater number of factors requiring evaluation, it is far more complicated. Therefore, it is good to consult our experts specializing in representation of production customers looking for areas throughout Poland. We advise not only in the selection of the best location for a factory, but we also analyze labor markets, provide information on various forms public assistance, available subsidies, reliefs for investors and advantages of Special Economic Zones.

 We have a broad database of real estate intended for production activities and investment plots located in the economic zones. We run BTS (build to suit) type projects. We know how to carry out the entire process quickly, without problems, as well as how to avoid many traps, errors that the investors may come across.

 We analyze specific production technologies, complicated technical specifications of buildings, as well as the demand for utilities. We assist customers in arrangement and adaptation of areas for production purposes, as well as in transfer or installation of production lines.

 The activities of Jones Lang LaSalle ensure top level of services for tenants, and the company always follows the professional ethics code. For the way of serving our customers we have been awarded "World’s Most Ethical Companies" prize many times.

 Within our services, our team, experienced and specialized in serving production customers, will advise you and carry out the following stages:


Request for quotation

Preparation of an individual request for quotation involves recognition of market opportunities. Thanks to cooperation between the members of our team having in-depth knowledge about the situation on particular local markets in

Poland, we have full and up-to-date information concerning the existing supply of buildings and the supply possible to be executed within the assumed time. We determine the list of developers, buildings' owners or contractors that the request will be addressed to.

Analysis of bids

Analysis of the collected bids is based on the criteria previously agreed with the customer. The most important element of the analysis is verification whether the collected bids meet the established requirements. Comparison of bids is conducted according to the same parameters and evaluation criteria, so as to check their actual attractiveness and the level of prices. Analysis of the technical specification of a new production hall is one of the most important elements of the whole process. Our advisors, together with the team of engineers, negotiate the list of adaptations and the building's specification in order to secure the customer's requirements and compliance with the Polish law. An indispensable element of new production operations is also obtaining of the environmental decision. Proper arrangements facilitate subsequent commissioning of the building and obtaining the occupancy permit of the building for production purposes.

After analysis of the bids we conduct local inspection of the selected real estate with the customer.  


After analysis of the bids and inspection of the selected real estate we undertake initial negotiations with selected owners of buildings or with developers. In the course of negotiations we use the conclusions from the previously conducted technical analysis of the project, as well as from the detailed evaluation of additional improvements required by the tenant. In-depth knowledge of transaction prices in similar facilities, prices of investment plots and other costs incurred by the tenant lets us effectively support the tenant in the process of negotiating price conditions. After selecting 2-3 final bidders on behalf of the customer we conduct further negotiations aiming at negotiating the best conditions of the transaction and the lowest commercial conditions.

Our recommendations

On the basis of the obtained new verified bids from the already narrowed group of bidders we prepare recommendations for the customer. Our recommendations are a professional document usually submitted to the Board for making the decision on the selection of a further partner.

Letter of Intent

After presentation of recommendations, final negotiations with the selected partner take place. Signing the letter of intent with a selected developer or owner is an additional element, recommended, however, by our advisors. The Letter of intent contains the agreed terms of transaction and provides reservation of a selected real estate and exclusivity in further negotiations. It is extremely important to have a reserve plan in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Lease agreement

Rent contract is prepared on the basis of the letter of intent. Advisors of Jones Lang LaSalle run negotiations with the customer's legal team. Our knowledge and great experience in concluding similar transactions (in particular on behalf of production customers) enables securing our customer's interests. Owing to non-standard requirements of production customers, we know what to pay attention to and what over-standard provisions to include in the contract.

Signing the rent contract finalizes the negotiations and the whole process.

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