BTS projects


A BTS or ‘built-to-suit’ project is a dedicated building developed to suit the particular needs of a given investor. Such an investment project involves designing and building a production or warehouse facility strictly in accordance with the needs of a given client, as commissioned by the client. The purpose of a BTS project is to develop a project for lease or later resale to the client. BTS projects are developed by experienced property developers specialising in industrial and warehouse facilities.

Jones Lang LaSalle is an experienced consultancy firm which provides services and representation to industrial clients. We have a dedicated team of consultants specialising in BTS projects. We seek the best location for the development of production facilities and offer advice in the selection of partners to develop the project. On behalf of our clients, we enter bids and negotiations with property developers and assist at designing and arranging production space and at transferring and installing production lines.

BTS projects are currently highly popular in Hungary. Production and distribution companies have been increasingly selecting built-to-suit facilities. This makes it possible to select an individualised location for a given investment project and to design and adjust the building to suit the client.

Such projects enable the maximum use of storage space, optimisation of the production process and adjusting the space to suit the technical requirements of the given business. In the case of a BTS project, the client is able to shape the leased space and specify any details according to its needs, as the project is developed in strict accordance to the client’s requirements. The client can freely combine office, production and storage space modules in order to get exactly as much space as it needs, combined in such a way as to ensure the most efficient use of the space.

Design and development stages of a built-to-suit industrial facility:

01. Analysis of the client’s requirements and specification of the project strategy

02. Preparation of technical specification

03. Search and analysis of land to be developed

04. Organisation of the developer bidding process – selection of the best bid

05. Negotiation and signing of a turnkey lease or purchase agreement

06. Design works and obtaining a construction permit by the developer

07. Design works and obtaining a construction permit by the developer

08. Handover of the facility along with an occupancy permit

Advantages of a BTS project:

- any location – the project is developed on a location specified by the client, either on land owned by the business or specifically sought out to suit the client’s needs and purchased by the developer for the project

- amount of space – the amount of industrial, storage, office and staff space suits the client’s requirements, the layout of space also suits the client’s operating needs.

- function – the function of the newly built industrial facility suits the client’s specific requirements while the space suits the technical requirements of the conducted business. The developer provides a turnkey facility but, on the client’s request, also prepares and coordinates technological and technical infrastructure for operating processes.

- reduction of investment risk – employing an experienced property developer results in a significant decrease in the investment risk and a shortening of the project’s time schedules and, accordingly, the industrial facility becomes operational earlier.

- reduction of project costs – making use of the property developer’s purchasing power (wholesale orders) results in a significant decrease in the construction costs for the facility and mains connections.

Also of note is the fact that BTS projects involve a highly individualised approach to the client, who contacts a dedicated BTS team. Such manner of cooperation allows decreasing investment and maintenance costs, optimising logistics processes and adjusting solutions to the sector’s specifics.

Another advantage of BTS projects is the flexibility of future development and expansion of the production facility as well as a possibility to relocate the facility or extend lease for the existing facility after the lease term ends.

Jones Lang LaSalle with pleasure will guide you through the entire process of selecting suitable land, selecting a developer, negotiating an agreement and implementing a BTS project.

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