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CA IMMO (before known as Europolis), grew from an international network of real estate investors. Since 1987 consistently CA IMMO developed into the leading property investment company in CEE & SEE regions. The core areas of the company’s competence are development, investment and real estate portfolio asset management. Up-and-coming projects with mix of real estate, commercial, technical and legal experience have been already recognized in 15 European countries. CA IMMO owes portfolio of different real estate properties (i.e. office, hotel, residential, retail and warehouse), where it focuses on the high grade office properties. The strong shareholders structure and a network of experienced external specialists ensure the further development of know-how and CEE & SEE European commitment. CA IMMO’s portfolio area is held by the retail shareholders (~50%), institutional shareholders (~33%) and Unicredit Bank Austria (~ 17 %).
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22 August 2013

The leasing activity in Budapest was mainly dominated by lease renewals and subdued development activity ...

22 August 2013

 73 million Euro was transacted on the Hungarian real estate investment market in Q1 2013 ...

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